Sunday, September 30, 2012


i have a problem.

i'm contagious.

well actually i ain't have anything good to tell except shitloads and stuff but hurm what can i do,i always spill everything here,i guess. this blog will always be the greatest listener of mine,well perhaps also to those who read my words here.

this week not like the usual days where rainbow and unicorns on my side,nay. you may imagine like a typhoon just past by a neighborhood and poof everything was a mess. well,my life been a mess for a few days.

i hate it.

well life always love to knock me on the groin and make me regretting every decision that i have made.

well the thing is,i am regretting myself,i always end up in self pity and  questioning why and why and why.

perhaps i am born a whiner i guess.

the good thing is when all the bad things happened,i felt so close to Him. yes, Allah,i felt so weak that i have no other place to plead other than him. and that time His presences is so needed,and i always end up crying in sujud lately hoping for His forgiveness and to grant my du'a.

He always been there,i knew He is.

listening to everything that we uttered,good or bad.

listening to every du'a we said.

He always there so that when we become so weak and vulnerable,we always have a side that we can turn to,there always place to cry on.

because Allah love all of us.

and He will never let us down.

thanks Allah.

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aqu hanya seorang penulis said...

don't worry , allah is always with us