Saturday, February 18, 2017

cheating analogos

you see, why people cheat on others?

its an old question yang memang orang akan bertanya? why did you cheat on her, why did you lie on him, why would you do that?

memang soalan itu yang akan kerap orang bertanya.

aku tahu kenapa.

aku akan buat satu analogi dalam bentuk cerita di bawah ini.

we have parents and our parents have their siblings, so when its raya ke occasion yang melibatkan our family termasuklah extended family everyone will gather together.

kita datang dengan parents kita, our aunts and uncle datang dengan cousins kita.

the thing is perasan tak,bila around this kind of gathering yang melibatkan extended family, kita bila nak main main ke lari lari ke buat nakal sikit ke mintak belanja ke we didn't do all that depan parents kita.

everyone mesti ada seorang uncle or aunt yang macam diorang fond to be with kan? uncle/aunt tu lah belanja tu and uncle/aunt tu lah bawak pergi tempat best best,sedangkan mak ayah kita tak bawak/belanja pun ke tempat tu semua.

and kita rasa seronok lepak dengan uncle/aunt tu and bila kena balik dengan mak ayah kita kita rasa sugul muram and tidak berpuas hati.

sampai kadang kadang kita rasa "i wish i'm aunt/uncle's children" takdelah kena marah, tak kena grounded, dapat macam macam.

the thing is this is normal.

like cheating its almost the same.

dalam analogi tu kita memang seronok dengan uncle kita aunty kita sebab dia tak pernah marah and he/she buy us things that makes us happy, kita rasa dia orang lah paling heavenly and paling sweet and mak ayah kita paling tak best sekali.

this is because they never deal with our shits our tantrum and us being at our worst.

our parents did and they still love us.

same as cheating.

that someone new can offer you a happy relationship at the beginning because its the honeymoon period, semua cover line, jaga kata jaga mata jaga semua.

but the man/woman yang dah selalu ada dengan kita dah deal with our shits our tantrums and our fucking mess for like how many years.

and they still stay besides us.

so,its only logical for people to be swayed by the temporary sweetness.

its the process of maturity.

do not cheat.

i was a cheater before.

never now.

ciao ciao.

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