Tuesday, September 4, 2012


"people will rate you,like you are some kind of test paper,they will judge you,and criticized you,but in the end,its not how their words affected you,but how you stand after the storm,that will show your true value."


enough with wise words.

people surely constantly changing,not saying anyone but i am.perhaps,that is how life completed it cycle,by changing everything in it to suit the time being.
might be,might be not.proverbs or analogy,i'm not sure,but some said that people like seasons,they change.

and i will agree to that one.

experience is a great teacher,indeed.i must say that i learnt lot of things from the past,as i already said,it is a great teacher.save me from heartbreak and save me from heartache,even though those two are quite similar but,well,i want to put it in a sentence,so yeah.


so i have this opinion,kinda wild assumption more or less.

well,you can have only bra and thong on your skin,if you feel good on it,i won't say a damn thing.you can also put on your hijab,which i will be glad when i see it,still not giving any damn about it.

because i believe,cloth aren't everything,it doesn't show the real type of that some kind of human.

well that analogy applied on both gents and ladies okay.

mungkin lah,tak semua yang menutup aurat itu baik,tetapi yang baik itu pasti akan menutup aurat.

thats the analogy.

so when people tend to judge others just only by how they dress their self up,it is totally unacceptable,it is unfair,it is absurd.

why can't we give them a chance? why can't you give me a chance? (considering me also not a good person)

well,we are human too.
we have feelings.

we are just,lost.

so help,please.

me in college lab jacket :)